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Women's fitness back training program to improve the poor body shape of girls

  Girls back training is recommended to use medium weight, more times the training method, more use of fixed equipment to train. Here we introduce the girl training back movements. Note: each action for 1-2 groups, each group interval 30s, this time if the back training, this plan is recommended to do once a day in the morning and evening.

  Warm-up: Y-stretch

  Straighten your back, tighten your core, put your head on a line with your spine, feel the muscles in your middle back, lift your arms, there is a clear sense of squeezing in your middle back, your arms do not need to be straightened, otherwise it will lead to too much force in your shoulders. Warm-up can be used to activate the shoulder and back muscles, stabilize the scapula, and also use it to wing the scapula, a bad body posture.

  1. Pull-ups

  Girls to do pull-ups like boys may be more difficult, you can use the elastic band way to carry out, pull-ups than the overall development of the back is good, of course, if you can complete without auxiliary equipment pull-ups, go to the standard pull-up way, the back muscle development will be better, the number of times exhaustion can be.

  2. High pull down

  We can use the apparatus in the gym to do high pull down, the trajectory is fixed, the lower middle trapezius, rhomboid muscle stimulation is also very good. Scapulae sink, pull down the body has a natural backward angle (do not lean back excessively) pull down the process so that the small arm vertical ground.

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  3. Straight arm press

  For the posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, latissimus dorsi, triceps has a good training, using the lower middle weight, keep the back muscle control, core tightening, keep the back straight, the maximum latissimus dorsi contraction pull away.

  4. Smith machine rowing

  Women can choose Smith rowing to back training, Smith machine is also considered a semi-fixed apparatus, compared to directly do the dip rowing, Smith machine rowing to simple, easy to get started, the overall muscle development of the back has a good stimulus.


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