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Does creatine have an effect on fertility

  In this era of national fitness, many friends who like to work out will take nutritional supplements like creatine, however, in the eyes of some people, as long as things related to fertility are very sensitive.

  Does creatine affect fertility

  Creatine is a nutritional supplement, even if you do not supplement, will secrete 1-2g every day itself, only to increase the intensity of training, will go to exogenous supplementation by taking creatine. Therefore, creatine will not affect the normal fertility of human beings. During the preparation period, you can adjust the amount of creatine to a smaller amount, and it is enough that the creatine taken can be completely absorbed by the body under the daily training.

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  Although creatine is a conventional supplement, there will not be any major problems if you take it, but if you still have a heart burden in this regard, it is still recommended that you stop using it first to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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