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Shake before drinking, fitness partner voltrx protein shaker bottle


  Some time ago, a friend recommended the voltrx protein shaker. I have always maintained the habit of fitness. The gym is three times a week. I used to save trouble. I didn’t bring a drinking cup. It’s convenient to buy a bottle of mineral water at the gym. But recently I started to take protein powder. You should bring someone who takes protein powder. For the cup, I used an ordinary plastic cup before, but the protein powder is always uneven, and I have to bring a spoon to stir, which is very troublesome, so a friend recommended the protein shaker.

  The Voltrx Shaker Bottle product is designed for fitness enthusiasts and has an excellent reputation, so I started with one.

protein shaker bottle

  I have two flavors of protein powder. As you all know, I used to use ordinary cups, no matter how clean the brush is, there is always a bit of odor when I change the flavor the next day. However, the protein shaker bottle has almost no odor remaining after simple cleaning, and it will never taste odor after changing the taste the next day. It seems that the plastic material used in the voltrx electric shaker bottle is really specially processed.


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