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To supplement protein, choose protein powder or milk powder


  Fitness enthusiasts need to supplement a lot of nutrients to recover after intense training. First of all, from the price point of view, protein powder is more expensive than milk powder, but the nutritional content and protein content of protein powder is better than milk powder. Obviously, to get the same amount of protein, protein powder is more effective than milk powder.

  Obvious advantages

  The advantages of protein powder are: ①easy to absorb; ②very convenient to use; ③fat is filtered in many protein powders.

  .Suitable for the crowd

  1. Fitness people who do not get enough protein food in their daily diet, such as three meals a day without high-protein foods such as eggs, beef, and shrimp.

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  2. In order to develop more high-quality muscles, bodybuilders need to eat protein powder. High-quality muscles need to eat a lot of high-protein foods, one washbasin of eggs at a time, and so on.

  3. People who lose weight. Weight loss requires low-fat input, and daily food is not enough. Failure to keep up with nutrition may also affect weight loss. However, protein powder can supplement protein under the premise of low-fat intake to ensure the normal nutrition of people.


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