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Why do you often practice squats

  The benefits of squats

  1. Enhance core strength. The squat can connect the upper and lower body well, and the squat has a better effect than other movements such as abdomen.

  2. anti-aging

  Benefits for men

  1. can enhance the strength of the leg muscles

  2. increase explosive power

  3. enhance jumping ability

  4. Increase the cardiopulmonary function of men

  5. Improve sexual ability. Squat training leg muscles can increase the body's testosterone level, and a male's sexual performance is reflected in the size of the testosterone level.

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  Dumbbell Squat Diagram

  Benefits for women

  1. Able to thin legs and shape a beautiful leg shape

  2. can exercise leg strength

  3. It can achieve weight loss very well. The leg muscles are the most muscles of the human body. Strengthening the leg muscles can not only burn calories, but also increase the fat burning efficiency and easily achieve the effect of weight loss.

  4. can improve female constipation


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