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How to replenish water during exercise? Don't drink or drink hard? Don't ignore water supply anymore

  Water is an important part of the human body, and the consequences of lack of water can be small or large, and can be light or heavy. In the mild cases, the lips and tongue are dry, and the skin is cracked. In the severe cases, it affects metabolism and even causes kidney disease. Especially after exercise, the impact of water on the body can be said to be as heavy as Mount Tai. So how should people who love sports replenish their water?

  (1) Principles of water replenishment

  Water replenishment needs to follow: preventive replenishment, small amounts and multiple times, these two principles. Don't wait until you are thirsty before thinking of drinking water. Water loss during exercise is very rapid, so preventive replenishment is necessary before starting exercise. During exercise, drinking a large amount of water at one time is likely to cause the stomach to expand rapidly, which will lead to discomfort caused by gastric reflux.

  Replenishing water can be divided into three times before exercise, during exercise, and after exercise, with different purposes and effects. Drink water before exercise, you can drink water in advance to prevent dehydration. Drinking water during exercise will help to replenish it in time and prevent excessive dehydration. Replenishing water after exercise will help accelerate the body's recovery.

  (2) Methods of replenishing water

  According to what has been said before, there are three ways to replenish water accordingly: rehydration before exercise; rehydration during exercise; rehydration after exercise.

  1. Rehydration before exercise

  You can add water 2 hours before the start of the exercise. You can drink 300ml~500ml of water. Remember not to drink all at once. It is recommended to take a bite at a time and take a small amount several times. Drink two more sips 15-20 minutes before you start exercising.

  2. Rehydration during exercise

  To replenish water during exercise, you must pay attention to a small amount and many times. Drink water approximately every 15-20 minutes, about 150~200ml at a time, and drink slowly. You can also take a sip after a set of actions to keep your mouth moisturized. But be careful not to train with water, which can easily affect your breathing and cause coughing.

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  The amount of water you drink during exercise is best to reach 70% to 80% of the amount of sweat. If you are not sure, you can wipe the sweat once and drink a sip of water. This frequency is very easy to remember, and it is easy to reach the standard. It should be noted that if it is a long-term exercise, especially for more than 1 hour, some electrolytes should be added to maintain the balance of the body.

  3. Rehydration after exercise

  Supplementing water at this time can better help the body restore balance. The amount of supplementation needs to be at least double the amount of sweat. If you already have a stable water intake during exercise, you can drink about 500 ml of water after the exercise.

  In addition to the above-mentioned precautions, we still have to pay attention to a small number of times. 500ml of water can be drunk slowly, it doesn't matter if it lasts for more than ten minutes. If you sweat too much and exercise for a long time, you can drink sports drinks a little bit, but be careful not to choose the type with too high sugar content. You can also drink homemade light salt water for quick replenishment, but be careful not to put too much salt, and be careful not to exceed the maximum limit of 6g salt throughout the day.

  Conclusion: Replenishment should be carried out uninterruptedly at all times, and don't wait for the body to send a signal to make up for it. Develop the habit of a glass of water for two hours to ensure the integrity of the body's water supply chain. The principles and methods of supplementing water are told to everyone. Can they be used flexibly in future sports and fitness?


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