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Are squats that difficult? Pay attention to these points to double the effect

  Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to physical exercise, but few people have mastered the correct method, have done a lot of useless work, and have sweated a lot but no significant effect is seen. Squat exercise helps to exercise the buttocks and thighs. Doing squat exercise helps the oxidation and decomposition of fat on the thighs, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Today I will share with you some useful squat techniques.

  First: the exercise moves from easy to difficult

  Regardless of any exercise, you should obey this rule. You can't start with the hardest and most intense first, otherwise it will cause muscle strain. We can start from the simplest bare-handed squat, slowly master, from warm-up to familiarity, and slowly increase the intensity of exercise.

  Second: the state of exercise needs to be grasped

  The state mentioned here refers to our state and the feeling of exercise. We work hard every day, what is the purpose of sweating? Just to exercise your body. In the process of training, whenever you feel that your body is not in the right state, you should not clenched your teeth. This state will not only have no effect, but will also increase the risk of injury. You can take appropriate rest, and the combination of work and rest will gain unlimited gains. .

  Third: Stretch your hips and legs before and after exercise

  Before and after the exercise, the people who participate in the training are usually very purposeful. I only have training in my eyes, and the rest are behind me. But sometimes, what is ignored is the most important. Just like flowers would not be so beautiful without the green leaves. In the same way, squat exercise also needs the foil of stretching exercise to fully show its effect. With a good stretching effect and stretching quality, our leg muscles can be exercised to the greatest extent.

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  Having said this, are there any mistakes that are often made when squatting? The following editor summarizes a few common mistakes for everyone, if you have them too, quickly correct them!

  1. Use your waist to exert strength

  When we exercise, we have repeatedly emphasized the correctness of exercise movements, but few people pay attention to them. They just exercise stupidly. Daily exercise is also very hard, but the effect of exercise is really small. If you can pay more attention to yourself I won’t be questioning here anymore!

  2. The rest time is too long after exercise

  Maybe you have to say, after the exercise is completed, shouldn't it be right to take a break? Yes, of course it should be, but this kind of rest is not always rest. What is needed is proper rest. The properness here needs to be mastered by yourself. You can’t exercise without breathing a breath, and you can’t exercise all the sweat. It's done, you're still resting.

  3. There is no good nutritional supplement

  The gluteal muscles that we exercise are all large muscle groups, and their growth requires more protein and other nutrients. If we don’t pay attention to nutritional supplements in our usual diet, or even eat whatever we want, it will be very easy. Affect the effect of exercise, and even make exercise become useless.

  Conclusion: Any exercise is not simple, it requires sweat and effort. No one can succeed casually. We all want to get a good hip and leg line, if we can get it casually. , Then no one will work hard every day, and our sweat is not very useful. The so-called book mountain has roads and diligence as the path, and perseverance is bound to gain.


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