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Rugged, leak-proof voltrx Shaker Bottle

  Perfect protein shaker bottle. Steel balls and round bottoms make all the difference!

  is completely leak-proof, the very sturdy building is super easy to clean. I might have to buy another gift for other people in the family because they like it very much.

  must have a clear color: when the liquid is translucent, it is very helpful to measure the liquid.

electric protein mixer bottle

  classic protein shaker. The protein mixes well. Be sure to wash it immediately after use, and don't let anything stay there for too long, because it may become a little difficult to wash in the future.

  absolutely love this protein shaker! The lid and spout are safe. I shook the contents vigorously, no water leaked. The circular stirrer inside is not lumpy. The only thing I don't like is avoidable. The label is applied to the container with some kind of glue and will not fall off after washing. No, I don’t like the glue left on the product label.


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