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How to lose weight through running exercise? This running plan will definitely help you

  Recently, many obese people are asking me how to lose weight effectively. If you want to lose weight, you just need to do a very simple exercise. This exercise is the running we are most often involved in. In fact, running is a very simple and monotonous exercise. This exercise is just repeating the single movement of arm swing and leg stepping, but as long as you persist and find a correct running method, you will be able to lose weight easily through this extremely simple exercise. Down, eliminate obesity in the body.

  One, choose the running speed that suits you

  In the process of running, we need to choose a running method that suits us. Running is divided into sprint running, jogging and variable speed running. These three sports can help us lose weight, and the effect of losing weight is very good. I personally recommend that you use variable speed running to lose weight, because variable speed running allows us to get the weight loss effects of sprint running and jogging. In addition, it can also improve our muscle response ability.

  We need to pay attention to these when running to help us adjust the running speed:

  (1) Take a slower speed at the beginning of running

  (2) As the running process progresses, we can accelerate appropriately to complete the next 2/3 of the run

  (3) Accelerate at the end of running and use up your energy, but don't overdraw your energy

  (4) After running, don’t stop immediately, we have to walk gently or take a jog to calm ourselves down

  Two, run through the correct running posture

  We also need to adopt the correct running posture for this exercise: in the process of running, we need to straighten the head, level the shoulders, tighten the elbows, keep the torso forward, but the back must be straight and the pace is moderate. This is the correct running posture. If you can maintain the correct running posture, you can definitely get a greater exercise effect on your body.

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  In the process of running, we need to pay attention to these points in terms of running posture:

  (1) Try to maintain the correct posture during running

  (2) You can adjust your posture appropriately according to your comfort, but don't adjust too much

  (3) Let us exercise tired, the running posture will be a little deformed, this time we can slow down

  Three, proper stretching after running

  Speaking of exercise, I believe everyone must be very aware. Everyone knows that stretching exercises have many benefits. For example, it can help us eliminate the discomfort caused by exercise. For example, it can make our ligaments change with exercise after exercise. Being soft, for example, can help us slow down blood circulation and help us better adapt to the end of exercise. Stretching has many positive effects, but do you know how we should do this kind of training?

  (1) Stretch the limbs first, then stretch the trunk

  (2) Maintain a slow, long breathing during stretching

  (3) Be sure to perform this exercise according to your own flexibility to avoid excessive stretching

  Action 1: Deltoid muscle stretching

  It is recommended to perform 4 groups, 1 group for 15

  Action 2: Head stretch

  It is recommended to perform 4 groups, 1 group for 15

  Action 3: Bend the knee and stretch

  It is recommended to perform 4 groups, 1 group for 15

  Action 4: Hind leg stretch

  It is recommended to perform 4 groups, 1 group for 15

  Concluding remarks: Although running is not gorgeous and does not have too many dazzling moves, persistence can make a very big change for ordinary people. Running in this way can make us lose weight easily. If you want to lose weight, this running plan will definitely help you. I suggest that everyone do it every day. Running exercise makes us lose weight easily.


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