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I want to practice my abdominal muscles, but I don’t know where to start. Let me tell you these 4 ac

  Having eight fascinating abdominal muscles or vest lines is another thing everyone is envious of, but looking at my stomach, I don’t know how to lose these fats. Let me tell you the following four methods today. , As long as you learn these four points and keep practicing for half an hour every day, I believe that after this holiday, you will also have the perfect abs and body that everyone envy!

  1. Sit-ups

  Sit-ups are a very basic exercise. At the same time, it is also an exercise that we have carried out physical training since childhood. The influence of this exercise should not be underestimated. It can help us a lot, and it can also practice our muscles in many parts. The posture is that we are lying on the ground, knees bent, and the soles of our feet are on the ground, and then we need another person to help us fix our feet. All we need to do is to use the abdominal muscles to exert force to complete the action of sitting up.

  When sitting up, we may lift up in advance. This is incorrect, because the lifting action will give our body inertia. Relying on the inertia to complete the action will greatly reduce the effect of the exercise.

  2. Pull-ups

  Pull-ups are a classic exercise for abdominal muscles. First, we need to spread our hands about shoulder width or wider, and then lift the body with the abdominal muscles. This exercise can not only practice the abdominal muscles Strength, you can also practice the strength of the hand muscles. If you want to increase the amount of exercise, we can adjust the distance between the hands farther, and we can also hang a weight-bearing barbell at the waist, but the premise of these actions It is the standard and norms for the movements to be done, and the head must be fully extended above the horizontal bar to be successful.

  3. Crunches

  This exercise is a very classic exercise for abdominal muscles. First of all, it is basically the same as the basic exercises of sit-ups, but it is also different. He does not need the help of others to fix the feet. We are alone. To complete this action, the basic posture is to lie on the ground first, and then raise both legs and hands at the same time. Use the abdomen to control the legs and upper body. The upper body must be fully raised, not just the head and arms.

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  We need to let our hands and feet to complete the action. We must do the exercises in a standardized and complete way to achieve the effect of exercise. If we feel that we can’t adjust the balance or can’t use the waist to exert strength, we can try to do the action. Slow, don't be greedy to be fast.

  4. Sitting and turning

  I believe everyone is familiar with this action. First, the basic action is to lie on the ground, then lift up the upper body, tilt back slightly, and lift the feet off the ground. The whole body uses only the buttocks to support the weight of the body. Then, use the power of the abdominal muscles to turn the body, and at the same time drive the arms and upper body to follow the rotation. When doing this action, we can hold a barbell in our hands to adjust the balance, so that the center of gravity of the body is placed on the position of the abdomen and buttocks, do this When you move, don’t be greedy for speed. Make sure to make the movement consistent and standard. Use inertia to complete the action. There will be no fitness effect.

  Conclusion: Abdominal exercises are often not done overnight. It requires a lot of accumulation and persistence. I believe you, as long as you learn the above four movements, after a summer of hard work and persistence, you will definitely have a perfect abdomen. Muscle and charming vest line!


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