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Two secrets of successful weight loss: unlimited motivation and scientific methods

  Nowadays, "slim" seems to be one of the pronouns of "beautiful". As long as you have a slim figure, you have already taken a big step towards "good-looking". Because of this, more and more people will share their weight loss experience on social platforms, watching them after months of training, the original bloated figure has disappeared, changed, and successfully transformed into a graceful girl or He is a muscular man. Whenever we see these similar situations, we may be wondering, what is their motivation to lose weight? How did they succeed in achieving weight loss? Then let us discuss these two issues together!

  One, the source of motivation for successful weight-loss people

  For people who have succeeded in losing weight, their motivation to lose weight may be as follows:

  1. Manage your figure and stop worrying about dressing

  I believe that every person who has succeeded in losing weight has had this experience: the clothes that look right will rarely have a size that you can wear; the pants you like are always stuck in an awkward position and can’t be worn on the body; in the closet There are clothes full of XL and XXL, but there is no s size; I always envy people of good shape secretly, and I still imagine myself losing weight in my mind.

  Finally, on a certain day, they were no longer willing to fantasize and began to act. They gave up the delicious hot pot Mala Tang, and chose a tasteless diet meal; they gave up staying at home Ge You lying down and chasing drama, choosing to sweat in the gym. They believe that the sweat they shed today is fat burning, and that what they give up now will eventually be given back to them in a better way. In the end they successfully put on the clothes they liked and became what they wanted.

  2, build self-confidence, no longer need to care about the eyes of others

  Nowadays, thin has become the mainstream aesthetic, so most of the time, people seem to be full of malice towards fat people. Their clothing, behavior and behavior are more likely to be pointed out by others, and even ruthlessly mocked. It seems that everyone has a customary but always tacit rule, that is, fat tends to be slightly worse than thin.

  As fat people, they are unwilling in their hearts. They want to get rid of this embarrassment. They want to be treated fairly, they want to win back the right to pursue what they like, they want to become confident and calm. Therefore, they chose to lose weight, not because of the three-minute heat, but the determination to succeed since they started.

  3. Be healthy and no longer burden the body

  We all know that excess weight will bring a heavy burden to our body, especially to the heart and brain blood vessels, liver and other organs. At the same time, people who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Therefore, many people are determined to lose weight successfully because of their health considerations!

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  But in many cases, our pursuit of thinness is too demanding. It seems that thinner is better. In fact, weight loss in the correct sense should be healthy and reasonable, not just for the pursuit of a gradual reduction in weight. If your obesity has endangered your health, at this time, losing weight is helpful to your health; but if you have a normal weight, you just continue to lose weight just to blindly pursue the so-called thinness. This is not conducive to your health. We should always maintain a positive and healthy concept of weight loss, and should not be affected by some deformed aesthetic concepts.

  2. The secret of success for those who lose weight

  Although they have the motivation to lose weight, how did those former fat people achieve perfect weight loss in just a few months? Speaking of this question, the scientific and efficient fat burning exercise certainly contributed to it!

  Then let me share with you a few healthy and efficient fat burning exercises!

  (1) Squat exercises

  1. Keep your feet and shoulders the same width and stand on the mat

  2. Keep your back straight, your toes are in the same direction as your knees, and your arms are parallel.

  3. While squatting down, move the buttocks backwards until the thighs remain parallel to the ground

  4. Control your breathing during the period

  5, 25 groups, each group has an interval of 10 seconds

  (two) opening and closing exercises

  1. Stand on the mat, put your hands on your sides

  2. When inhaling, separate your legs and lift your arms vigorously; when you exhale, retract your hands and feet at the same time. 3. The shoulders are exerted force to drive the arms up, and the arms drive the movement of the body. 4. The abdomen is always tightened during this period Status 5, a group of 20, each group has an interval of 10 seconds

  (3) Leg raise exercises in place

  stand on the mat, put your hands on your sides

  Keep your back straight, look straight ahead, touch the forefoot, and raise your legs quickly alternately

  Keep breathing naturally during   , don’t hold your breath

  Pay attention to keep the center of gravity stable and don’t move back

  a group of 20 seconds, each group has an interval of 10 seconds

  (four) simple bobby jump exercises

  1. Keep your feet and shoulders the same width, stand on the mat

  2. Lean down and squat, keep both hands on the ground, keeping shoulder-width apart, while jumping with your legs, straighten backwards 3. Quickly retract your legs, and jump up at the same time 4. High-five both hands, then squat down 5. Get up When jumping, try to jump as high as possible, while maintaining a uniform breathing rhythm of 6, 20 seconds in groups, with an interval of 10 seconds between each group

  In the long way to lose weight, motivation must be an indispensable part, but scientific ways to lose weight are equally important. If your method is scientific and effective, then your weight loss effect must be twice the result with half the effort. Conversely, if you have been using the wrong weight loss method to exercise, the end result is often half the effort. Therefore, motivation and methods need to go hand in hand, grasping with one hand, in order to achieve the most ideal slimming effect.

  All people who have succeeded in losing weight have the motivation to persevere and keep moving forward. When they see themselves in the mirror losing weight day by day, they will celebrate their original persistence. When exercise is no longer the goal of losing weight, but has become their habit, they will thank the self who keeps working hard!

  If the idea of weight loss has emerged in your mind, then act quickly! We must always believe that our persistence today will achieve the beauty of our tomorrow!


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