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How to lose weight by indoor aerobic jogging?

  Our modern people eat and drink well. Most people are obese. In addition, they are under heavy work pressure. Many friends do not pay attention to the usual ways to lose weight. Over time, the body becomes overweight, and people are more likely to be overweight in winter. You should pay more attention to getting fat.

  1. First, everyone should know that indoor jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise, which has great benefits for the body to lose weight. In particular, we can train with needles, and jogging at home is not easy to be injured. In addition, the home environment is good. It's cold to go out and not suitable for exercise.

  2 Second, when we are jogging, we should choose more comfortable sportswear at home. If you want to increase your sweat, then we can wear elastic clothes, and you can wear one or two more, so The effect will naturally be better.

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  3 Third, for indoor aerobic exercise for jogging, we need to buy a treadmill, or we can buy a mat and run in place. Treadmills are more expensive. My suggestion is that you can choose to buy a mat for running. One is to protect your feet and the other is to not affect the neighbors under the building.

  4 Fourth, when you start jogging, it’s best to have a timer, remember the time you sweated the first time you ran, and how long we ran and began to get tired, and we can lengthen our jogging time according to this time. .

  5. Fifth, jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise. When I jogging, I should pay attention to my own rhythm. Don't be fast for a while and slow for the other. Keep running at a constant speed so that we can achieve our training effect.

  6 Sixth, we choose to jog to strengthen our physical fitness, so our breathing is very important at this time. When running, we must have a certain rhythm between breathing, and follow the pace of running to breathe, so that we can provide timely Body oxygen.


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