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Stovepipe Yoga Aerobics

  There are many kinds of stovepipe methods, how to make the calf not thick? How to effectively stovepipe? The following is the editor recommends the powerful stovepipe method to make the calf not thick and make your thigh thin immediately. If you want to have slender legs, try stovepipe yoga, so that your calves are not thick, so that you can see your slender legs immediately.

  1 Half-lotus spinal twist type    method:    1. Sit up, straighten your legs forward, bend your left leg and place it on your right thigh, with the sole of your foot facing up.   2. Exhale, stretch your left arm forward, grab the toe of your right foot with your left hand, turn your upper body to the right, retract your right arm to your back, and wrap your right hand on the left side of your waist.  3. Inhale, then exhale, while turning the head and upper torso to the right as much as possible, keep breathing naturally for 20 seconds, and switch to the other side.

  2 Triangular rotation type    method:    1. Stand naturally with your feet wide apart; inhale deeply, raise your arms parallel to the ground, straighten your knees, turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right, and your left foot 60 degrees.   2. Exhale, turn the upper body to the left, bend the torso down, and place the right hand between the feet; the right arm and the left arm form a vertical line, and both eyes look at the tip of the left finger.  3. Stretch your shoulders and shoulder blades for 10-30 seconds; inhale, retract your hands first, then retract your torso, and finally retract your feet. Then change direction.  Note: The time kept on both sides should be the same.

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  3 Cat arched back method:    1. Kneel down, sit on the heels of the back buttocks, keep the upper body upright, put your hands on your legs naturally, and relax your shoulders and arms.  2. Raise your hips, kneel on the ground with your hands shoulder-width apart, and support the ground.   3. Inhale, raise your head, collapse your waist, collapse your back, and tilt your hips upwards. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds.   4. Exhale, lower your head, arch your spine, arch your back, and hold for 5-10 seconds.   Note: Repeat 5 to 10 times, relax and rest.

  4 fish type    method:    1. Lie flat, legs straight and close together.   2. Inhale, arch your back, lift your torso off the ground, lift your chest, raise your head, and gently make the top of your head close to the ground.  3. Straighten your arms in a folded form and lift your feet off the ground at the same time.

  5 Side angle extension method:    1. Stand facing forward, keep your legs apart as much as possible, raise your hands side by side and shoulder height, palms down. Open your right foot 90 degrees outwards, retract your left foot 30 degrees, exhale, bend your right knee, your thigh is parallel to the ground, and your left knee should be straight.   2. Lower your right arm along the inside of your right leg and place your hand on the ground inside of your foot. Turn your face upward, extend your left arm to the front of your head, and place your upper arm against your temple.  3. Hold for 30-60 seconds, breathe steadily, inhale and get up, repeat the other side.  Note: Concentrate on stretching the back and spine; stretch the chest upward and backward, and finally make the chest, hips, and arms form a straight line.

  6 Simplify spine twisting    Method:    1. Sit up, straighten your legs; place your hands flat on the ground, slightly behind your hips, fingers outwards, move your left hand over your legs and place it in front of your right hand.   2. Put your left foot on the outside of your right knee, extend your right palm further to the back, inhale, and turn your head to the right as much as possible to twist the spine.   3. Recharge without exhaling, keep this position for a few seconds; exhale, turn the torso back to the original position; switch to the other side.  Note: Do not bend your back.


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